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Website Development /SEO

Everyone is familiar with ‘web design’, but not many companies know and use website management services, even though it is essential for their business growth.

Search engines are a super important traffic source for blogs. If you optimize your post around lots of different keywords, Google and other search engines get confused. They don’t know what your content is actually about. Let me help you achieve this.





SEO: On-page optimization

Tasks associated with blog SEO include on-page optimization, installing plugins, improving page loading speed and internal linking. 

I can solve issues with hosting, SEO, content uploads, and more.



Website Blogging / Management

Management of website includes maintenance, design updates, content updates, and the connection and management of various online marketing solutions to provide a consistent and professional-looking website experience.

It’s a fair assumption that most people don’t know what to do once their website breaks down or needs a design update.

 I could fix your website at a moments notice. Contact me for more.



Marketing Campaign

 The ultimate goal of a marketing campaign is typically to increase awareness of an organization and bring in new customers. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Nearly every company relies on digital/ social media marketing campaigns to increase sales and grow as an organization. Here are my expertise: 

Brand awareness campaign: Here, your marketing efforts will be made to focus on building or strengthening the awareness of your company’s brand and eventually implement regular brand awareness campaigns to maintain  popularity.

Contest marketing campaign: Encourage new organic website traffic and spread awareness using social media. Contact me for amazing concepts to achieve this goal through organic and inorganic means.

Email marketing campaign: Keep in contact with your current customers and inform them of sales, coupons, discounts and new products or services.

Brand launch campaign: I can help you advertise your new brand on social media and emails to existing customers, discount offerings etc. 

Marketing Activations & Traditional Media Campaigns

Depending on your organization goals, I have expertise  to plan and execute various marketing campaigns such as:

Traditional media campaign ;  media outlets such as  TV, print advertising, radio and direct-mail advertising are of great relevance to increase your brand awareness or promote your product or services. 

Seasonal push campaign: to promote seasonal sales, products or services. This type of campaign is frequently used by companies that experience a seasonal influx of business such as retail chains and restaurants

Product launch campaign: Are you a manufacturer or in coordination with any distribution partners? Launching a new product often involves marketing campaigns aimed at spreading awareness of the product and why customers need it. I can help with the execution plan from start to finish.


Rebranding campaign: Planning to promote a change such as a new company name, logo or merger with another organization? or do you think that your company has fallen out of favor with your target audiences or  wish to make a comeback in their industry? Contact me to develop these strategy. 


Digital Content

Content has come a long way from the days of print advertising. With the introduction of SEO and digital marketing, content has become the most effective way to get your brand into the digital sphere. Consistent, high-quality content writing is an invaluable way to connect brands with their consumers.

Social Media Management

Incorporating social media into your marketing strategy allows you to align your marketing initiatives with user behavior.  74% of people now use social media when making purchase decisions. Not to mention, 80% of people get advice about purchases through social media. 

Managing social media properly is essential to drive your customers’ attention to your brand. That’s why you need to have a social media manager. As your social media manager, I will analyze engagement data, develop digital campaigns, and help track your interaction trends to enhance your brand’s popularity.

Website Management & SEO

Blogging helps boost SEO quality by positioning your website as a relevant answer to your customers’ questions. Blog posts that use a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and make your site more appealing to visitors.